Martini Cozy

Author: Soul Traveler /

I finished my second tea cozy Sunday night which called for a Martini! (what else?) I really like this one and doubt I will be able to part with it. I can see this is going to be a problem indeed. The picture doesn't do the colors justice try though I did to get a good shot. I love the simple mock weaving technique although it is a bit time consuming.I call this one Mad Hatter tea cozy but honestly I picked up some yarn yesterday that may make this one look a lot less crazy. I am currently working on a mute multi-color cozy that has a retro feel to it with cocoa, pink and green. At this point it is going to have buttons all over it which should be interesting. My little pink retro cozy is very sweet but photographs poorly so it will probably forever be mine. I was thinking if I get tired of making tea cozies I could always make a Martini Shaker cozy. You know, to protect one's fingers from freezing while shake. Oh yeah, I'm onto something now.......

As 2009 was beginning to fizzle, my knitting was beginning to sizzle due in part to the holiday gifts I had to finish at the last minute. Once the gifts were finished (which were all scarves) I was anxious to start a new project and take on a new knitting challenge. I pulled out my two books on tea cozies and began the search for my next project. I think tea cozies came to mind because I've been drinking a lot more tea now that winter has fully arrived here in Colorado. To me, tea seems ever so much cozier than a cup of a coffee on a cold snowy day. I dug my way through my enormous stash of yarn and chose a very inexpensive retro looking pink yarn. And so it began, my first tea cozy. I am now on my second cozy and am using Red Heart yarn this time. What a lot of knitters don't like about Red Heart is the stiffness of it. This otherwise annoying quality actually works well with a tea cozy because it will almost stand by itself which is a good quality for a tea cozy. It is my hope to finish three of them and post them for sale on my tarot website I am hoping that when I add the additional tag to my site it will help me to drum up more business for my site. Since just before the holidays I have been PLURKING my hobby woes. It's somehow comforting to be able to sound off a bit while working on the seemingly endless knitting project. If you plurk come join me and we can share our woes and maybe a martini.Cheers!