Zen Knitting

Author: Soul Traveler /

"A piece of wearable art that has never existed before." A quote from the book "Zen and the Art of Knitting" by Bernadette Murphy. When i read that quote I found myself in an "aha" moment. How many of us knitters have considered that we are creating art and not just "another scarf"? I bet if you asked, many people would say oh I just knit, never considering what they do beyond anything other than the generic term "craft".
This is an enjoyable book about knitting, spirituality and life. The author takes the reader on a journey that is full of reflections on the spiritual process. Feeding the Soul, Wise Heart, Creative spirit are some of the chapters included in the book. She also manages to include a few patterns and suggestions for knitting projects. An interesting combination of philosophy and the craft of knitting, this is a great read for anyone involved in artistic expression of their being. I love when philosophy can be applied in such a practical way thereby making philosophical theory so tangible for us all.