Make Mine A Double!

Author: Soul Traveler /

I am heading out of town for a week to visit family in Philadelphia. With laundry to be done and the suitcase to be dusted off I am doing the most practical thing right now and bloggging. I own the word procrastination. As families go mine is pretty interesting which has me planning just how much underwear I really need to pack because I am thinking I really need to fit a bottle of gin in my suitcase. The thought of not being able to get to the State Store for several days is positively scary! Pennsylvania has control over the liquor, so there are these charming State Stores where you can buy only liquor and wine at non competitive prices with limited choices. If you want beer, god help you. That is a separate trip to a beer distributor with even more limited hours than a state store. The last time I was home I was drinking martinis out of juice glasses and throwing the olives somewhere in the bottom of the glass before finally going out to buy myself a martini glass. Ahh family.

On the knitting front the news is just as grim. I am nearly finished with my second lace knitting class. This time it's a scarf. Seems simple enough but there are three panels and working the lace pattern on every row. I am taking a class with a bunch of professional knitters. Translation: everyone else has natural talent and then there is me. Sigh. I personally feel lace knitting is equivalent to the fifth layer of hell but yet I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame. It is a great exercise in concentration but remains a challenge to a non detail, fly by the seat of your pants kind of person I am.

I managed to finish knitting a scarf for a friend and am working on squares for another community project. I plan to take a few projects with me on the plane. These are the official "airplane projects". I only take them when I travel so the chances of them being finished in my lifetime are questionable until I take a 20 hour plus plane trip someday. It's a thought!