Mercury Retrograde Martinis

Author: Soul Traveler /


We all know what a fun time is to be had when Mercury does it's back peddling thing. Communication goes awry, electronic equipment goes haywire and life just drags along as trying to achieve forward momentum becomes something akin to slogging through deep mud in heavy boots. I decided instead of focusing on the obvious negative aspects of the Mercury retrograde, I would try to take a different approach by going back into my stash of unfinished knitting projects from the past, and working on them throughout the retrograde since we know that anything started in a retrograde is only a temporary thing, there is no point in starting a new project right now. Obviously I have started a lot of knitting projects during the retrograde periods of the past because I did have a fine selection of projects to choose from. I selected a blanket that I started back in 2007. It's a beautiful vertical striped blanket made with 8 different types of yarn that are all color coordinated, with half of them being the dreaded mohair. Beautiful stuff but tricky for a beginner to work with as I recall. I can say with great assurance that this blanket will be a warm one this winter because god knows it was plenty warm sitting on my lap while I was sipping my iced drink tonight at our coffee hang out whose air conditioning was no match for the warmth of all of the wool sitting in my lap.. I'm now thinking that the light green COTTON scarf would have been a better choice to finish off but then there is the problem of figuring out what the pattern is I was using and I was short on time this afternoon.I must also insert here that if anyone sees or even senses me picking up a ball of cotton yarn by the brand name Peaches and Cream or it's counterpart, I should immediately be thrown to the floor and the yarn ball pried from my hand. Why? Because while I was digging out my old project, I came across a few more balls of the yarn to add to my BASKET full of them. What was I thinking? Wash cloths and dish towels in cool color knitting styles of course! What I was NOT thinking about was that they are not reversible, thus require either double knitting or adding a back to them making them way too thick. Back to the drawing board on that one. But I digress. ... But wait, that is after all the thing to do during a retrograde, right? Digress, regress. Ahhh, semantics. I do believe it's time for a martini. Shaken, not stirred.