Sock It To Me With A Martini!

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This past summer I FINALLY found a sock pattern I could do. It's a simple tube sock pattern that a friend of mine sent me. Now I am addicted! The pattern I am using is called "Tube Socks" and here is the link in case you would like to go to Ravelry and take a peek at this fun and easy pattern: The picture above is the first sock in what I hope will be my holiday socks. I used Plymouth Yarns Heritage Knits. It has a good price point and it's self striping and creates that wonderful pattern you see.. The first pair of socks that I completed was from a sock yarn I purchased from an Indie yarn gal on Etsy several years ago with the intention of making a shawl. Because the yarn is purple and green, it makes it perfect for Halloween.
On a recent trip out to San Diego, I found a sweet pink speckled yarn that I thought would be a nice remembrance of our trip. I started knitting the socks on the beach. I named the yarn Seashells. Next up for me is to finish the other holiday sock so I can wear them before Spring! I also have in mind to make a pair of patchwork tube socks using the leftovers from my sock yarn collection. The thought of making a pair or two of socks to give as gifts for the holidays quickly flew out of my mind when I realize that I will have to start knitting for the holidays for next year! After all there are only so many Martinis one can drink and still be productive... Cheers!

Samhain Sew Fun with a Classic Gin Martini

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I have a friend who's birthday is on Halloween and he is a big fan of the the holiday. I decided to make him a Halloween theme throw for his birthday this year. It was a lot of fun to design and sew. I was determined to get it done in time for our Halloween Cocktail party so I could give it to him then so he could enjoy it a bit longer than for just one day. I used a combination of solid gray and black squares and gray and black printed Halloween theme squares for the quilt and I like the way it turned out.Although I made one for myself last year, I am very tempted to make another one for our other sofa! It may have to wait until next year though. My cat Gypsy enjoyed hanging out on the quilt while I took a picture of it! Good thing he is not allergic to cats :) I did forego the Martini until after I finished with the quilt. Cheers to me!

back view of quilt

Fall Knitting with Pomegranate Martinis

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It all started this summer with the Leafy Washcloth pattern by Megan Goodacre. It was love at first site with this easy fun pattern.Plus, I love knitting wash cloths. They make great gifts you can give as a set, or as an add on to other gifts. I love including one with my homemade bath products. It was by accident that I discovered there can be other uses for this leaf pattern. I decided to make some fall color leaves to give as gifts to some of my friends. One night I was happily knitting a nice pumpkin color washcloth when about halfway through I realized I was not using the right yarn. The right yarn being a cotton yarn. Instead I was knitting with some Red heart I have in my stash for craft knitting. I WISH I could blame the martini I was drinking, but I can't since I wasn't enjoying any adult beverage at the time. I am just plain scattered! I decided to finish the leaf and ended up with this curled piece of yarn project. I went downstairs and steam pressed it until it was flat. It looked so nice that I decided to use it as a table decoration.I also think you could make several of these leaves and make a banner out of them using clothes pins and pinning them to an Icord. If you want the leaves to hang without curling, you could trace and cut out the leaf shape on cardboard and attach with glue.
So what about this Pomegranate Martini you ask? Simple. Just add a splash of Pom juice to your favorite icy cold brand of vodka after it has been shaken, not stirred. The Leafy Washcloth pattern can be found on Ravelry as a free download. Cheers!