Martinis and Tarot

Author: Soul Traveler /

 This last weekend I did a vendor gig with my Etsy craft business, Toadwerks. Toadwerks specializes in making tarot cloth, knitted tarot bags and handkerchiefs. It is the tarot bags that have in the past month, had me longing for a Martini, or four, on a daily basis. Sadly, I could not afford the luxury of chilling out, when I needed to rev up my one woman production line. The paradox is that I sorely needed to chill out as the days got closer to the convention. I don't want to say that I was hard to live with, but I'm just saying that the cats were cutting me a wide path when they saw me coming. The day before the convention, as I was sewing on one machine while my embroidery machine was whirling away, I looked up and saw that my cat Gypsy was eying the embroidery machine and getting a bit closer to it than I was comfortable with so I went over and picked her up. Thinking that I was going to feed her to the machine, she did a kitty freak out that ended up with me having four nice long scratches going across my hand. Being the craft warrior that I am, I threw some ointment on my hand, wrapped it in gauze and continued on. My efforts and sacrificial blood letting, were rewarded with good sales on both the tarot cloths and the bags. More importantly, I was able to learn more about what the customers prefer in terms of colors and themes.It was fun to be able to sell my products in person to a target audience. Best part? It's Martini time once more! Cheers!