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It has been such a long time since I have posted on this blog! I spend way too much time posting on my other sites I guess! Recently I have been consumed with knitting this pink shawl. It have developed a nice little pattern for it. It's a combination of a checkerboard pattern that I found in Interweave press' book "Knit & Purl" and just straight up knitting. I have had to start over several times and have had a few nasty mistakes that needed correcting but I am still enjoying knitting this shawl. I have knit two other shawls but they were on size 17 needles making them quick projects! I had hoped to make myself a really cool colorful bag for the summer but I doubt that's going to happen as this shawl drags on. I had bought the yarn and ribbon for the bag back in March. I should have started it then LOL It's all Louisa Harding materials including the pattern. I love her accessories! To add yet more madness into my life I am going to join a few of my friends at a local yarn shop to knit for Warm Up America. It starts in June and runs through August. It's only once a week for an hour or two and it sounded like fun to us. It seems that all of my knitting right now is for charity. I really have fun knitting these simple projects. I love working with all of the fun different color yarns that I normally would not wear. What I need to do is to find more time for knitting so that I can do it all! On a technical note, blogger is driving me crazy or should I say crazier? A few of my links to my friends have disappeared and don't even get me started on the RSS feed thing from Ravelry! Perhaps my page is haunted LOL LOL