WOW It's Martini Time

Author: Soul Traveler /

Summer means that it's time to knit outdoors! I love to spread my beach blanket out over my lawn, grab some iced tea, iced coffee or lemonade (whichever I have made), some knitting, and of course my cats. Plopped on the blanket I can easily scan my yard to keep an eye on my curious cats. They know that there are some baby bunnies living in the yard because they can see them from the window. The bunnies are smart enough to run and hide at the first sign of intrusion into their domain. The snakes, not so much. I caught kitty eying a small garden snake that was frozen up against the fence just the other day. Kitty's time outside was promptly finished for the day. Poor kitty.
These days I have been playing A LOT of World of Warcraft, thanks in part for a couple of my friends deciding it would be fun to quest together once a week. My one friend is a very experienced player. i have learned a lot from her and as a result, it has made the game much more fun to play. I tend to love the Hunter types probably because they always have a pet with them for company and to help them fight. I have recently started some different types of characters just to check them out. Spending a lot of time in this magical world got me inspired. I love going to a place there every month called Darkmoon Faire. It's dark and mysterious and you can only visit one week out of the month, so that makes it a bit special. The yarn I used has a bit of sparkle to it to add to the magic without being overwhelming. I now have other ideas for more bags with the World of Warcraft theme. I can hardly wait to get the needles out and start crafting.  Every artist needs their muse.