Martini Love

Author: Soul Traveler /

I always seemed to get an extra kick of craft inspiration around Valentine's Day. What can I say? I am a hopeless romantic who also happens to like the colors pink and red. I decided to make some heart shaped bookmarks to give away as gifts.
 From there, I decided that it would be fun to knit up some coasters to match my Valentine theme drinking mugs.
  It wasn't that long after that the idea of a Queen of Hearts tarot bag came to mind.
It just so happened that I was taking a class on how to dye your own yarn, at my favorite craft/yarn store, Fancy Tiger Crafts during the month of February and naturally doing something with the color pink came to mind, So I tried to introduce some in my kettle dyed skein below.
Thank goodness I ran out of time before I could knit some collars for the cats. For the record, I'm still not crazy enough to add red food coloring to my martini, but I do have a martini glass with lips. Just sayin..