Are There Enough Martinis?

Author: Soul Traveler /

Fall has ushered in a flurry of knitting for me. It goes without saying that I could use a martini! The biggest project that I finally completed after 10 months {which included a lot of procrastination) was my first ever sweater. It is an Icelandic sweater made with Lopi wool. It was a project that was part of a knit along done at Fancy Tiger Crafts. Fortunately, it's not as bright and purple as it is in this picture.
It's not purple
 It was a great first sweater project that has me planning another Icelandic sweater for myself in the near future. For now I am drowning in last minute holiday knitting projects. I found a beautiful baby alpaca wool from Classic Elite on my latest trip out to Portland, that had been knit into the Color Block wrap. It's an easy and fast project with a simple design. It was so easy, I decided to go back to the store and get yarn to make one for my mother and one for my mother-in-law. I am knitting my mom's in an off white to beige gradient. My own shawl was knit in the gray shades. In October I completed a candy corn color cowl and a Samhain inspired shawl made from a yarn I designed at a store called Yarnia, in Portland. I guess it would be fair to say that I have knitting fever. I have come to discover the pleasure of knitting while listening to an audiobook or watching some of my favorite television shows. I also enjoy knitting at the airport and on planes because I feel I am getting something done while waiting through what seems to be a lot of travel delays. As long as I know that a martini is not too far away, I can relax and knit on!
Color block shawl can be ued as a table runner as long as no food is involved