Martini's Shaken In Plastic

Author: Soul Traveler /

I had a busy week back East as was expected. And yes, there were many Martinis and since there was no shaker at my mom's house I had to improvise using a plastic bowl with cover. Sigh. The unexpected part was how much knitting I actually got done while I was there! Most of my evenings were spent watching the old movies on TCM while knitting. I managed to make my mother a coat scarf out of three skeins of somewhat fluffy yarn that was a variegated cream to brown concoction with random splashes of gold painted on it. It was quite pretty even though I would end up with gold particles on my clothes every time I picked it up. I knit 13 stitches on size 13's. I got the idea from a book I'm reading on knitting called "Knitting for Good!: A Guide to Creating Personal, Social, and Political Change Stitch by Stitch". It's by Betsy Greer. It's a fantastic book! I also managed to finish a little coin purse I had started back in April and a square for the latest charity knitting project I am working on. I also worked on a scarf that has been designated as the "travel knitting project" which means that I only take this project on trips. It's a small scarf being worked on small needles so quite portable and easy to knit when on a plane. Between my scarf project and my podcasts, the trip out to Philadelphia was fast! I wish I had some knitting with me the day I took the train to New York City since I managed to get to the train station much too early. Oh what I could have done in an hour plus while I was waiting!

Since I've been home I have done a lot of squares for the afghan project because I have been home with a cold. I haven't had a cold in two years. That's what the East Coast will do to a person. LOL