Fusion Knitting

Author: Soul Traveler /

I took a class tonight at one of the local knitting shops making a scarf using two balls of verigated yarn to create a wonderful fusion color striped look. The pattern is knit/ purl which makes it slow going for me but the look is really beautiful and once you get used to the technique you can do some really creative things with it. I feel I would have done much better had I not had a spltting headache. LOL We had a high wind whip up here tonight which was a frosty delight. NOT! At this point in time I have 3 scarves on the needles, one afghan, one baby bib and the always lingering tarot cloth. Hmmm I guess I SHOULD finish at least one of them before I take on yet another project. LOL In all fairness though, I do like to have a baby bib going all the time because it is an easy project to work on that I can lay down quickly should a call come in during work. OK so one excuse down five to go......