Bohemian Girl Takes On Denver Knitting!

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Last night I ventured out to meet up with a new group of knitters in Denver. The quaint little crafty shop is located on a street called Broadway. It is about a block away from an old indie movie theater, in a neighborhood that is a little on the edgy side. I had to park down a side street and hike it back up to the main street. Interesting. The store has a craft room in it's basement and it was full of knitters! There had to be 20 people there. The crowd, much to my delight, was what I expected. There was an artist, a gallery owner, another yarn shop owner, a couple from Boulder (who was expecting their baby that day! ) a writer and ummm a tarot reader (ME!) There was a huge double size banquet table down the middle of the room and old chairs and a sofa all very retro. There was music playing and the heater was humming. Fantastic! There was talk of the recent caucus, along with various knitting stories and admiring the awesome knitted pieces being created around me. Several people were making sweaters, some were making socks, there were 2 gals just learning to knit, and of course a few of us working on scarves. I was in knitting heaven. The group was just what I expected. They were mostly in their 20's and 30's with a couple of slightly older people (who me? LOL) I look forward to getting to know them better and hearing their stories. In the meantime I am planning on joining up with the rowdy knitting group next Wednesday night who meets at a bar up on Colfax. Drinking and knitting. I will have to bring a simple project LOL


Amber said...

I'm so glad for you to have found something like this that you thoroughly enjoy!

I have a needlecrafts group, but for months it's only been my cousin and I. =( Recuiting is hard, but I'm still working at it.

LindaM said...

You have a very interesting blog and a great writing style. I will be back.