As 2009 was beginning to fizzle, my knitting was beginning to sizzle due in part to the holiday gifts I had to finish at the last minute. Once the gifts were finished (which were all scarves) I was anxious to start a new project and take on a new knitting challenge. I pulled out my two books on tea cozies and began the search for my next project. I think tea cozies came to mind because I've been drinking a lot more tea now that winter has fully arrived here in Colorado. To me, tea seems ever so much cozier than a cup of a coffee on a cold snowy day. I dug my way through my enormous stash of yarn and chose a very inexpensive retro looking pink yarn. And so it began, my first tea cozy. I am now on my second cozy and am using Red Heart yarn this time. What a lot of knitters don't like about Red Heart is the stiffness of it. This otherwise annoying quality actually works well with a tea cozy because it will almost stand by itself which is a good quality for a tea cozy. It is my hope to finish three of them and post them for sale on my tarot website I am hoping that when I add the additional tag to my site it will help me to drum up more business for my site. Since just before the holidays I have been PLURKING my hobby woes. It's somehow comforting to be able to sound off a bit while working on the seemingly endless knitting project. If you plurk come join me and we can share our woes and maybe a martini.Cheers!